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The History of Sialkot is no secret when it comes to the manufacturing of Soccer Balls, Sports Wears, Cricket Equipment. Martial Arts Wears, Boxing. The development of soccer balls is an evolution which happened and continues to happen. Our company was founded by a visionary leader, Ch Allah Rakha Rajpoot, who believes in Social Justice and a love for the environment, at a time in 1970 which was a time of few companies manufacturing Soccer Balls, Sports Wears, Martial Arts Wears, Boxing. of quality with responsibility. The production mainly consisted of Big branded Soccer Balls which are manufactured still at RB SONS (pvt) Ltd, after 39 years. During this phase at RB SONS (PVT) Ltd the manufacturing was mainly done at the factory premises including stitching. The presence of labor union ensured that workers benefited and the company produced product ethically and of the highest quality. The next 2 decades after the 1970’s were a period of continued growth and prosperity and awareness. The workers number increased to 300 and there were 1200 stitchers outside the factory. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Child labor was a visible factor that the soccer industry had to face together and we successfully with other factories and ILO created the Sialkot child Labor initiative. RB SONS (PVT) Ltd as always was being responsible and joined the initiative at the first call. We created stitching centers and created a system of monitoring to check the presence of underage workers successfully and up to this date has maintained an A grade rating with the Chamber of commerce and industry Sialkot. RB SONS (PVT) LTD is an ISO 9000 approved company and a member of the WFSGI. At RB SONS (PVT) Ltd we have a complete system in place that is based on the Fair Labor association although not FLA accredited we have 2 sections of monitoring: 1. Labour. 2. Environment, Health and safety.
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